Saturday, February 11, 2006


Just a little update for all you family (physical and spiritual) and friends. We are really under the brunt of a busy schedule right now with Jenni teaching 5 days a week at school + private lessons at home + school choir rehearals. This past week was a difficult week due to a funeral that I preached for a Brother in Christ who apparently took his own life. Although that was not the first time I have preached a funeral of that nature, it never gets any easier.

I have suffered with migraine headaches twice in the past week that have been some of the most severe of my entire life. The church is doing well attendance wise, averaging around 250 per Sunday AM worship. Since becoming the pulpit minister in the spring of 2004 attendance has risen from about 160 to the current average with Bible class attendance now averaging between 140-150 per Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. I hope that 2006 will continue to be an uplifting year for the congregation and my family.

Till next time, we love you all! (Jonathan, Jenni, Hailey & Tegan Sanford)

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